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  • Festive Five: Celebrating 1 Year of Wellbeing Whisperer
    Wellbeing Whisperer has just turned one. Thanks for your support, for sharing and for reaching out with what has resonated with you. As we move into the end of year and to mark this celebration I’ve collated the top five posts from the past 12 months as a Festive Five...
    Wellbeing Whisperer Published on: 20 Dec 2021

  • Innovation in Academic Publishing
    I often get emails from publishing professionals wanting to commission a book. Mostly I reply with a polite version of ‘no, go away’, because I already have loads of writing projects stretching far into the future so it would be … Continue reading →...
    Helen Kara Published on: 20 Jan 2022

  • Four reasons slow scholarship will not change academia
    Filip Vostal I am well aware that this post won’t make me popular. I have thought about the notion of slow for years now. There are many good things about doing particular activities in slow motion, slowing them down, abstaining from acceleration, whether imposed (difficult) or self-imposed (arguably easier). One thing is...
    Postpandemic University Published on: 25 Jan 2022

  • Five steps to healthy research career building
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gadd is the Head of Research Operations at the University of Glasgow and a Research Policy Manager at Loughborough University. She leads the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Evaluation Group, the Association of Research Managers & Administrators (ARMA) Research Evaluation SIG, and the LIS-Bibliometrics Forum....
    Hidden Curriculum Published on: 25 Jan 2022

  • Look Forward
    The viva is nearly-but-not-quite the end of the PhD journey. It really won’t take much to get ready for it. You’ll get to have a conversation with two interested academics about your research. Once your viva is finished and your corrections are complete you can start the next phase of...
    Viva Survivors Published on: 26 Jan 2022

  • New webinar for PhDs on 9 Dec
    I’ve been busy getting ready (read: fighting with software) for my upcoming webinar… and you’re invited! It’s called How Get Clear on Your Career Path… The post New webinar for PhDs on 9 Dec appeared first on From PhD to Life....
    From PhD to Life Published on: 07 Dec 2021