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Feature article

  • How PhD busy work is like vegan junk food
    Hello dear reader! It’s been a busy winter and I am suffering a bit of post-election exhaustion. Last month, For the first time in 12 years, I did not get around to doing a Thesis Whisperer post. While I felt bad about breaking such a long streak of self-imposed discipline, I consoled myself that the ...continue reading....
    Thesis Whisperer /TWC Published on: 03 Aug 2022

Latest from our featured blogs

  • How to unf*ck your writing – a check list
    Language warning. It’s fruity in here people! On the back door of the Greens office in Braddon, where I’ve been spending a lot of time lately, there’s a sticker with ‘unfuck the future’ right at eye height. This sticker made me chuckle each time I opened the office during this...
    Thesis Whisperer Published on: 01 Jun 2022

  • How Shut Up and Write became ‘Just Write!’: An American Tale
    Inspired by Tseen Khoo’s blogs about ‘Shut Up and Write’ in Feb and March 2016 (Part 1 / Part 2), I decided to start a version at the Elliott School at George Washington University (United States). My experiences and many missteps provide some insights into: My naivety, and Research Culture...
    Research Whisperer Published on: 05 Jul 2022

  • writing a lot – starting the PhD, and finishing it
    When you write, you must write a lot, but that does not mean you will publish a lot, which means that when you are writing, or when you have finished writing, it might be that no one knows that you … Continue reading →...
    Patter Published on: 08 Aug 2022

  • The Value and Limitations of Lived Experience
    At times I have been hired for my ‘lived experience’, either as a carer for people with mental health problems or as a disabled person myself. I have also worked in research teams with people who have other kinds of … Continue reading →...
    Helen Kara Published on: 14 Jul 2022

  • Are personal academic blogs a thing of the past?
    Mark Carrigan What is academic blogging? This is a question I’ve asked myself regularly throughout my career. I began blogging in 2003 as an undergraduate student and cycled through a series of blogs hosted by Blogger before moving to WordPress in 2010. I set up a multi-author blog, The Sociological...
    Postpandemic University Published on: 28 Jul 2022

  • Grief induced writer’s block – how to get through it
    How do you cope with grief induced writer’s block? Academic and researcher Hilary Potter describes the processes she went through recently following a miscarriage. She hopes her experience will help others. Before Summer 2021 was a season of thwarting, of trauma and loss. It was late August. I was working...
    The Prolifiko Blog Published on: 12 Apr 2022

  • What You Wish For
    Be careful what you wish for your viva, because you have no direct control of what will happen. Wishing for this question or that direction of conversation, for a certain length or a particular comment is a distraction. Be careful what you wish for, because you can draw your attention away from...
    Viva Survivors Published on: 09 Aug 2022

  • Network as an introvert without doing anything icky
    Are you an introvert? If so, you’ve probably wondered how you can network as an introvert without doing anything icky. A lot of PhDs identify… The post Network as an introvert without doing anything icky appeared first on From PhD to Life....
    From PhD to Life Published on: 12 Jul 2022