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Feature article

  • Moving house on the Ides of March
    On 9 June 2011, we sent this tweet out into the world: So, it begins… — Research Whisperer (@researchwhisper) June 9, 2011 That same day, we set up Research Whisperer on Facebook and started the WordPress blog. Like everyone else starting social media accounts and blogs, we had zero followers. We were amazed how quickly […]...
    Research Whisperer /TWC Published on: 14 Feb 2023

Latest from our featured blogs

  • The Academic Tidy Up
    Happy new year everyone! It’s summer here in Australia, where we take a long break. I want to talk about Tidying in this post, but first – some news: ‘How to fix your academic writing trouble’ continues to be a strong seller after 5 years, but Large Language Models (LLM)...
    Thesis Whisperer Published on: 03 Feb 2024

  • Getting started
    My job is to help people get funding. I occasionally get requests from friends and family to help them with a funding application. I love these requests – I get to show them what I do, and help them with something that they need. It reminds me that different types...
    Research Whisperer Published on: 06 Feb 2024

  • It just comes back to kindness
    I’ve just returned from several weeks travelling in North America. The space to think, observe new things, people and contexts, and to be curious was so embraced. Here is what I have learnt that resonated as most important....
    Wellbeing Whisperer Published on: 17 Aug 2023

  • a thesis is not just a display
    It’s tempting to think that the PhD thesis is the place you get to display every single thing you’ve read. To peacock-like spread out a significant dazzle of texts. Look how much I’ve done. See how well I can summarise … Continue reading →...
    Patter Published on: 20 Feb 2024

  • What you might have missed!
    In case you missed it, here is the start of a new ‘back to basics’ series on Youtube! Let’s talk about ‘What is…?’! The first 5 videos in the series are here: In addition to all that, here is a … Continue reading →...
    Helen Kara Published on: 14 Feb 2024

  • Written conversations: Break the Rules with Cathy Rentzenbrink
    We’re joined by acclaimed memoirist, writing tutor and author of five books Cathy Rentzenbrink. In this honest, frank and occasionally strongly worded conversation we explore how the ‘rules’ we come to believe about our writing aren’t necessarily true. And why we shouldn’t always believe what other writers tell us about...
    The Prolifiko Blog Published on: 31 Mar 2023

  • Missing Nothing
    Between submission and your viva, take an hour or two to see if any recent, relevant papers have been published that you haven’t noticed while you’ve been busy. You’ve not missed them though. They’re still there. You can read them......
    Viva Survivors Published on: 24 Feb 2024

  • What are informational interviews?
    Thanks to my friend Jennifer van Alstyne for this fun conversation about informational interviews, why to do them, and how they can supercharge a PhD… The post What are informational interviews? appeared first on From PhD to Life....
    From PhD to Life Published on: 27 Sep 2022